Women’s Soccer Dominates Nyack

By Molly Cantwell Contributing writer The Golden Knights shut out the women’s Nyack Warriors soccer team leaving the score 4-0. The Saint Rose defense was able to hold Nyack scoreless with endless pressure and physicality. At the 15:40 mark in the first half sophomore forward Karmyn Carter scored the first goal of the game assisted

SA Recap

General Business Meeting Tuesday Oct. 10th Amanda Bastiani, Associate Director of Violence Prevention and Non-Discrimination Education about her new position, and took a poll to see how students understand some policies and procedures on campus. “Basically what I try to do is get in with employees and students,” said Bastiani. “I try to get them

Saint Rose Sports Run Down

By DAVID MEISTER Contributing Writer In men’s soccer, the Golden Knights were up against the Le Moyne Dolphins in the Upstate Challenge last Tuesday, Oct. 10. They ended up tying 2-2. Junior forward Kyle Clemens scored the first goal of the match. Saint Rose forced overtime thanks to a goal by junior back Adekitan Taiwo

Director Roseann Marlett Welcomes Students

By JANELLE BECK Contributing Writer Either working at her desk or providing assistance to students exploring a treasure trove of educational materials, Roseann Marlett is making the Patricia Standish Curriculum Library a welcoming and stimulating place for future school employees. Celebrating ten years working at the college, Marlett is the coordinator of the Curriculum Library.

Do You Have This In Pink?

By KAYLA DEMICCO Contributing Writer It’s now the month of October and that means it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A lot of companies douse their offices in pink and center their advertisements around the color for this month. Which is a marketing strategy that would be very favorable to the iconic, pink enthusiasts Elle Woods

Weinstein’s Assault Charges

By BRIANNA ROBLES Staff Writer Harvey Weinstein, an American film producer, in recent news has been accused of several sexual assault and rape charges. For the past few decades, it has come up that Weinstein has had many sexual assault encounters with employees, few of which confronted Weinstein about his actions. One of his employees,

From One Survivor to Another

By KATE PIERCE News/Managing Editor It’s been eight whole years since the worst night of my life. What I didn’t know then is that night was also the beginning of freedom. October is domestic violence awareness month. Domestic violence can take many forms, among partners, children, and roommates. It can consist of physical and verbal