Kim, Henry and Vincent relax at home 
in the same room Henry was born. Photo by NICOLE FOSTER

Meet the New One Percent

By NICOLE FOSTER Staff Writer No, not an elite crop of billionaires; the 35,000 babies who will be born at home this year.* In the United States, more babies are born during the summer months…

Melanie Bowman in her office. Photo by JULIA WILLIAMS

A Helping Hand

By JULIA WILLIAMS Contributing Writer Behind the courses and faculty that make up the School of Arts and Humanities is an Assistant to the Dean—a woman who is dedicated to providing a strong foundation for…

Student Nerys Jimenez Pichardo with a cast member while on the trip to Liberty Ridge Farm. Photo by Nerys Jimenez Pichardo

SEB Nightmare Trip

By KAYLA ROYSTER Staff Writer The Student Events Board Nightmare trip at Liberty Ridge Farm took place last Saturday. Liberty Ridge Farm has been open for 17 years and is just like every other farm….

Rassey meeting a kangaroo at Currmbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Photo by RASSEY DE LOS SANTOS

It’s the Small Things that Matter

By RASSEY DE LOS SANTOS Contributing Writer When you first arrive in a new place, you’re excited to see the big things right away. You want to go out on your own or with a…

The band Cobblestone performed during Fear Fest and was later chosen 
to open at Rose Rock by students at the event. Photo by NINA BUONAROTA

Rocktoberfest Playlist

By NICHOLAS NEGRON Contributing Writer Rocktoberfest is coming back to Saint Rose on Oct. 22. The event will be held at St. Joseph’s Hall, starting at 3 p.m. The free annual music festival is sure…

Netflix new logo. Photo via WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

The Cord-Cutting “Fad”

By JOSH HELLER Executive Editor In this country, there have been plenty of trends and fads. One thing considered a fad can no longer be thought of as just that, and that’s cord-cutting. Basically, cord-cutting…

Frank Sinatra in 1957. Photo via WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

Workshopping on the Way to Broadway

By WILL HEATLEY Contributing Writer Ripley Grier Studios, 520 8th Ave. Manhattan, NY. At this address lies the hotspot for young talent trying to better themselves in order to follow a dream. On my way…

More than 40 students, faculty and community members gathered on Thursday to protest President Carolyn J. Stefanco, and proposed financial cuts. Photo by Jonas Miller

Why We Protest and the Meaning of AAUP Censure

By KATHLEEN CROWLEY Professor of Psychology Some questions recently have been raised regarding the value of the ongoing protests that have occurred on campus over the past year. There are many reasons for the protests…

Dr. Carolyn Stefanco is the 11th president 
of the College of Saint Rose. PHOTO COURTESY OF LISA THOMSON

We Don’t Hate You, Madam President

By KYLE PRATT Opinion Editor Dear President Stefanco, With all of the recent turmoil swirling around campus, it is easy for us members of the Saint Rose community to jump to conclusions and to pick…