“Daddy’s Home 2” a Sequeal Miracle

By JACKSON MURPHY Staff Writer “Daddy’s Home” was released in 2015 was a pleasant surprise: some great one-liners, hilarious gags (Will Ferrell’s half court shot is a classic), and he and Mark Wahlberg were terrific together. Since sequels often underwhelm or completely fail in comparison to the original. I went into “Daddy’s Home 2” with

What’s the Deal with Kiwis?

  By KAYLA DEMICCO Staff Writer Harry Styles started teasing fans for his “Kiwi” video by posting a picture of himself standing with a diverse group of elementary school children. In the picture, a few kids are wearing Gucci suits that look like the ones that Styles himself would wear on stage. The next photo

“Orient Express:” An Uneven Ride

  BY JACKSON MURPHY Staff Writer “Murder on the Orient Express” is based on the iconic Agatha Christie novel, which was turned into a film in 1974 that earned six Oscar nominations and a Best Supporting Supporting Actress win for Ingrid Bergman. The best chance this new adaptation has for an Oscar nom may be

Battle of the Bard

By BRIANA SPINA Staff Writer Three of Shakespeare’s plays were paired with their contemporary musical counterparts last Saturday at the Saint Rose Theatre in an innovative performance called Battle of the Bard. The show was a scene festival that incorporated Hamlet and The Lion King, Romeo and Juliet and West Side Story, and The Taming

What’s the Real Problem Here?

By KAYLA DEMICCO Staff Writer At this point, some people are probably wondering why there have been so many people convicted of sexual assault within a short amount of time, along with an overwhelmingly large amount of accusers. These serial predators have not committed all of these acts of crimes recently, they have been doing

A Dark Trip to The Hundred Acre Wood

By JACKSON MURPHY Staff Writer The creation story of the inhabitants of the Hundred Acre Wood has been made into a movie that’s pretty good. “Goodbye Christopher Robin” has a lot to say and will certainly surprise you along the way. But be aware: this Winnie the Pooh origin tale isn’t joyous like a birthday