What’s the Deal with Kiwis?

Former One Direction member, Harry Styles, has released the new video for his song “Kiwi”


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Harry Styles started teasing fans for his “Kiwi” video by posting a picture of himself standing with a diverse group of elementary school children. In the picture, a few kids are wearing Gucci suits that look like the ones that Styles himself would wear on stage. The next photo he posted was a portrait of a girl with long brown hair (similar style to what he had prior to cutting it) named Beau, who is the main focus of the video. The day the video dropped, Styles had cupcakes passed out to the fans waiting in line for his concert in Amsterdam.
A disclaimer in the beginning states: “no children or animals were harmed during the making of this film,” and the song starts. While walking into a school building, Beau wears a customized, floral blue, Gucci suit and carries a container full of cupcakes through the hall. The next scene shows the kids from the picture competitively staring each other down with cupcakes in their hands. In the room that these kids are in, there is a huge pile of various baked good and sweets in the center of them all. The kids look as if they are shouting at each other and crushing the cupcakes in their hand. Beau walks into the room, takes two cupcakes out of the container, and throws one at a kid in a floral yellow suit.
All the kids start throwing their cupcakes at each other and using the icing as “war paint” on their faces. Beau realizes that she doesn’t have anymore cupcakes in her container and in slow motion, runs to the pile of sweets while the other kids continue to throw their cupcakes. She takes from the pile and crawls away with cake in her hand and the other kids head to the pile to stock up. After the bridge of the song, Harry then walks in wearing the same suit as Beau and a golden lab puppy in his arms and leads more puppies in the room. Harry and Beau take shelter from the food fight behind some chairs and desk and share a cupcake. The video ends with everyone after the food fight standing with each other as if they were going to take a group photo. Harry and Beau stand in the center of the group and the camera zooms in on the two them and he does a quick smirk before it cuts off.
Fans took to social media after watching the video with confusion and trying to figure out the connection between the lyrics and the video. When the song first came out, it was speculated that the song was about a hook-up because of the line, “I’m having your baby, it’s none of your business,” but the video just doesn’t seem to tie with lyrics. Despite not knowing the connection, fans are grateful that Styles didn’t make the video raunchy and sexual like the song and instead took a cute and playful turn on it. They joked that the video was a combination of the World War II movie, Dunkirk, which he acted in and was released over the summer, and the fact that he used to work in bakery before 1D.
Because of this song, fans have been bringing Kiwis to his shows and throwing them at him. Before he performed on Saturday Night Live back in April, fans were passing out Kiwis to people in line because of the suspicion he would be performing that song. A UK supermarket, called ASDA, has banned people under the age of 25 from purchasing kiwis after the incident of Styles almost slipping on a kiwi slice on stage.
Styles has always been about promoting positivity and equality and his motto for his merch is “Treat People With Kindness” and encourages fans to bring rainbow flags.

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