Rose Record Label Gala Successful, Despite Gas Leak

Alenni, center, performed songs from her album “Constellations,” which will be released later this spring. Photo by AARON KREIN

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Last Friday night, the Rose Record Label Group held a gala showcasing their artist’s and songwriter’s latest work and releases. With over 100 people in attendance, Jack’s Place and the atrium in the Hearst Center for Communication and Interactive Media were packed with guests in formal wear. The event promoted the label’s three currently signed artists’ projects, including Alenni’s upcoming album, the Bad Mothers’ new single and Sydney Schizzano’s new EP.

Will Hahn, president of the label group, said putting the gala together was a huge group effort after an unexpected gas leak took place in Hearst the morning of the event. He described the setback as “nerve-wracking,” since setup and soundchecks were pushed from noon to 4 p.m., only three hours before the gala.

The label’s faculty advisor, Sean McClowry, said that the leak put off time that was saved to mix and print copies of Schizzano’s EP for sale. Members of the group were asked to leave at 8:30 a.m., but were able to finish putting the albums together in the control room behind the performance hall in Massry.

Maria McNamara, the label’s head of public relations, said they were able to remotely access the computers from Studio B in Hearst with the help of music industry professor Sean Wendell.

“It was a lot of work, but we had a lot of motivated people helping us out,” said Hahn.

All of the newly released music, plus last year’s compilation album, were sold at the merchandise table. Sales were “extremely successful,” according to McNamara.

The first artist to perform was Alenni Davis, mononymously known as Alenni, who played five songs from her upcoming album. It was her first time singing these songs live with a piano and a violin. Davis was excited to not only perform with a new band but also to deflect any problems that someone in the crowd could currently be facing.

“My goal would be accomplished if I could make one person happy,” said Davis.

“Constellations,” which includes tunes such as the title track and “Ocean Song,” is set to be released this spring.

“It’s very colorful and inspired by nature. It’s very poppy,” said Davis.

After two perfomances by individuals from the S.Man songwriters, the Bad Mothers took the stage with a five-song set. They continued their tradition of ending their sets with new music by performing their latest single, “Why Bother.” The band was also giving away their new single on cards printed with a code redeemable for a digital download.

It was difficult for the band to see anyone in the audience while performing, according to lead singer Matt Dalton. He said he enjoys seeing people jumping in the crowd.

“It’s nice to have that out here,” said Dalton. “You mirror the energy of the crowd.”

Dalton found it nice that people of other majors in the Saint Rose community came out to support the label.

A raffle that was being conducted at the merchandise table was won by Schizzano’s family. The basket included a Dunkin Donuts gift card, a copy of “Rose Roots Vol. 1,” a download card for the Bad Mothers’ new single, a stuffed animal, a mug and a variety of candies. Following the announcement of the winner, a mobile

TV was brought into Jack’s Place to show a 10-minute clip of the label’s segment on the local PBS affiliate, WNYT’s show, “AHA!”

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