Are You Ready for Some Football?

By MICHAEL SMITH Staff Writer Published September 7, 2011 This Thursday night, the Green Bay Packers prepare to host the New Orleans Saints to open the 2011 NFL regular season. There are many story lines to follow in this upcoming series. Some story lines may already be answered by the time of the Thursday kickoff. 

MLB: The Race Heats Up for October

By THOMAS RAHN Staff Writer Published September 7, 2011 With the end of the Major League Baseball season approaching, the question on most baseball fans mind is who will make the playoffs? As it stands now in the American League, the Boston Red Sox, Texas Rangers, and the Detroit Tigers are division leaders. Leading in

The Day That Shook America

By JOHN SLAGG Contributing Writer Published September 7, 2011 A decade has gone by and we are now approaching the anniversary of one of America’s most devastating days: September 11th. Now, at this 10 year anniversary it is pertinent to ask, “What, as a country, have we achieved? What has changed?  What will change?” In