Led Zeppelin IV turns 46


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British hall of famers Led Zeppelin celebrated the release of their monumental 1971 LP “Led Zeppelin IV,” commonly referred to as “IV.”
Zeppelin wanted to strike back with full force like they did previously with their debut and “Led Zeppelin II,” back in 1969. They wanted to prove the critics wrong since they released “Led Zeppelin III,” which got lukewarm reviews but has overtime aged like fine wine, and is ranked up in most fans lists as their great albums.
Recording sessions took place in December of 1970 at Basing Street Studios in London, the same studio that Jethro Tull was recording Aqualung. Upon the recommendation of Fleetwood Mac, the band moved production to Headley Grange, an estate in East Hampshire, England to record additional songs. The estate’s structure is famous for helping drummer John Bonham get the signature kick drum in the masterful closing track “When The Levee Breaks.”
The album has gone on to receive massive praise and legacy, and is regarded as the band’s most recognizable album. The album also spawned the band’s most well known songs including “Black Dog,” “Rock and Roll,” and “Going to California.” The LP also features a duet titled “The Battle Of Evermore” which has singer Sandy Denny sharing vocals.
After 46 years since its release, the album still holds strong. Mojo magazine ranked it number 24 on their list of the greatest albums of all time , and that was back in 1996. It ranks 69th on Rolling Stone’s greatest albums of all time as of 2012.
There will never be a band like Led Zeppelin again. With Robert Plant’s god like vocals, Jimmy Page’s masterful guitar work, John Paul Jones on Bass, and, may he rest in peace, John Bonham on drums, the band was a force to be reckoned with and should not be taken lightly. It may have been a long and lonely time since it’s been released, but Led Zeppelin IV will be talked about by music lovers forever.

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