Karene Faul Alumni Exhibition Reception Coming Soon

By: Elizabeth Valetnin


        The Karene Faul Alumni Exhibition is hosting a reception on Friday, September 8 from 5:00-7:00pm. The Exhibition originally opened on June 2 and features 14 alumni from The College of Saint Rose’s graphic design program with a 26 year gradation span. The exhibition will be open for the public and students until September 16.

        This exhibition takes place every two years, but changes its focus with each opening. This year’s featured alumni work for companies including Lego, Netflix, HBO, and Dreamworks. This exhibition features pieces that range from poster boards, video game design, and TV commercials.

        The exhibition is a way to show the pride the college has for the work that alumni do after their time here. Jeanne Flanagan, the director for the exhibition says that it’s “one of the most outstanding shows we’ve had. We’re proud of our alums and their accomplishments.”

        Anne Breanzell, who is part of the faculty for the art department is also working on the gallery. She says that “You can’t help but be proud of the alumni. They do an excellent job. They have an impact on the graphic design field.”

        Breanzell also believes that this gallery is a good way for alumni to remain connected with the school after they graduate. In addition to the gallery, many of them are involved in the graphic design internship program. While this is a good opportunity for alumni to remain involved with the school, it also allows perspective students to see what people do when the finish their time here.

        Alicia Hallett Chan, a graduate from 2006, is one of the artists featured in this year’s exhibition. She currently works for the New York Times in the advertising department. She says that it’s important for freshmen to see the work that alumni do because it “puts it into perspective. You start out at 18, 19, 20-years-old, but these great things are possible for you. The sky’s the limit.”

        Chan mentions that she did not start out at as a graphic design student. She began as an arts education major, but after seeing some graphic designers speak at the college, particularly Paula Scher. She says that when she saw Scher, she thought about the fact that she was a woman in the field and that she changed her major to graphic design. This is why she believes that galleries like this, along with speakers from different fields are important for the college to have.

        Another artist that is featured in the gallery is Kelly Holohan, who graduated in 1989 as part of the second class to be a part of the graphic design program. She says that the art department put her on the right track while she was still a student. She says “Chris Eric and Kaureen Fual taught me what it’s like to be a dedicated educator.”

        Holohan’s art takes a focus in socio and political issues, particularly women’s rights and environmental issues, Recently she has been working on pieces focused on the LBGT community and is stepping into ways that race impacts that community. All of her pieces that are featured in the gallery focus on these issues.

        The gallery’s reception is open to the public and students, but several of the artists featured within it will be in attendance. This will be opportunity for the alumni featured to reconnect with the college and share their work with current students and the community.  -30-


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