10 Tips: Staying on Track This Semester

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Well, here we are. Back for another semester after an entire month off from even thinking about school. Getting back into the swing of things is always tough.
For some, it can be difficult to get motivated, and for others it can be difficult to stay motivated. But have no fear, here are some tips to make this spring semester a little less hectic.

1. Get yourself a planner

Personally, I was against getting a planner for a while. It just sat there on my desk, useless, because I always forgot to write in it. Finally, I realized I needed a new way to get organized. Nothing like getting a fresh new planner for the new year to keep yourself on track. Get some fun pens to make your responsibilities seem more exciting!

2. Plan ahead for big assignments and papers.

When your professors say, “You should begin this assignment immediately,” listen to them! They are there to help you succeed, not make your life miserable, I promise. This will make it a lot easier to finish the assignment before its due date and most likely prevent you from pulling an all-nighter.

3.Find a designated workspace

Let’s face it, basically no one enjoys going to the library. However, we all know it can be almost impossible to get work done at home where there’s a TV, a bed, and snacks. If the library or your home isn’t the best place for you to get work done, find another space! Try a common area on campus. If you have transportation, try a local coffee shop.

4. Take breaks

Once the mentality of school kicks in, it is difficult to get that one assignment you know you have due out of your mind. Always remember that your mental health is more important than your schoolwork. Do whatever you do best to release stress and give yourself a mental break. If you don’t know what to do to give yourself a mental break, the possibilities are endless. Coloring is a great way to relax your mind. Yoga is a great way to relax your body and mind.

5. Get yourself a study buddy

Find someone in your classes, or even a friend of yours to work on assignments with. Working alone all of the time is an easy way to drive yourself insane. Having a study buddy allows you to find another perspective on an assignment you have, and make you less lonely.

6. Turn off your social media while you’re working

I know, it’s like quitting cold turkey. But it’s only temporary! You can check your Instagram and tweet about how much you hate college after your assignment is completed.

7. Sleep.

We as college students are pretty much invincible. Think about it: we stay up all night, overload on caffeine, and still find time for a social life and any other extra curricular activities. However, getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for your concentration. If you are feeling drowsy before beginning a task, take a power nap. I don’t mean sleep for two hours, I mean no more than 20 minutes to give your body the energy boost it needs to complete a task.

8. Look over your notes after class.

Reviewing the material you learned during your classes will ensure that you’ve gained understanding of it. This will benefit you in the long run when you’re studying for an exam.

9. Take advantage of office hours.

Professors have them for a reason! They are always willing to help. If you feel like some material is rocky, make an appointment. Your professor will review your notes with you so you don’t lose track of classroom material.

10. Remember why you are doing this.

You are obviously here for a reason, and you want to work hard and succeed. Remind yourself what goals you are working towards and push yourself to achieve them. If you work hard, you will stay on track, and you will have a great semester.

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